What Is
Bid Bootcamp?

A one day training event.

You will learn a foolproof approach to tackling bids. We will introduce you to the ShineBid Winning MasterplanTM and help you apply the stages to your own bids and business. You will learn how to identify the essential stages that help you consistently win more. You will root out the bad habits and trade them for winning ones.


Why Should I attend?

Over the last 10 years we have developed systems and processes for winning bids. Our experts have worked on hundreds of bids across many sectors and won over $10 billion. We have now distilled what we have learnt into the key elements it takes to win.

“Every business is different and every bidder has their own bidding challenges”

Understanding this, we have designed an interactive course where we will share our findings, systems and insights and work with you to help you find a winning approach that works for your own bids and proposals.

WHAT DID recent attendees have to say?

Who Is Bid bootcamp For?

Anyone involved in proposal or bid production

Whether you pursue, coordinate, write, manage or administrate proposals in your business, Bid Bootcamp can support you with turning your bids and proposals into revenue. 

100% of bid professionals who attend our training course
said they would recommend it to others

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Course Modules

In day 1 you will cover 6 modules:

Module 1: Introduction to bidding

Module 2: Foolproof systems and foolproof bids

Module 3: Investing in bid intelligence

Module 4: Developing the bid strategy, win themes, the big sell and tactics

Module 5: Writing a great bid response

Module 6: Making an impact through client engagement and executive summaries



UPCOMING Courses IN 2019

Wednesday, 20th March 2019

15th May 2019
10th July 2019
25th September 2019
20th November 2019


ShineBid have won $10bn in RFPs, bids and tenders since 2008.

Working with some of the worlds biggest companies, against the toughest competition,
ShineBid have a tried and tested approach that delivers consistent wins for your business,
takes the mystery out of how to do it and turns your team into a winning machine.