Don't just be good at bid winning: Get better

Pooja Shetye     13 April 2018

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Everyone likes doing things they know they’re good at; bid processes you’ve mastered and you know inside and out. You feel confident and in control when sticking to what you know.

But by settling into your sweet spot and thinking you know it all, you’re never going to get any better at bidding. If you want to improve how you work and ultimately win more bids, you need to move out of your comfort zone, challenge your bidding norms and always be open to learning more.

The need to continuously improve is greater than ever:

  • There’s more competition than ever
  • Bidding is more expensive than ever
  • The smaller guys are upping their game…and winning more than ever!

So, what can you do to get better?

Invest in training

Winning is all about preparation. Putting in the effort in the early stages will equip your team to be consistent bid winners.

Join Bid Bootcamp: Our one-day course that helps you win bids, RFPs and  tenders.

Discover why you won or why you lost your last bid

Understanding what you did well is as important as understanding what you could have done better. Ask your client for feedback, win or lose, and learn from this to bid better next time.

Spend the time on lessons learned

During any bid, some things go well, some things not so well. A ‘lessons learned’ session is a useful way of highlighting any issues and an open forum to both give and receive honest feedback to your bid team.

If it’s broke – fix it!

Change is good – we learn, we adapt, we grow. So, if your bid team has flaws, the sooner you recognise these and find a new way of working, the better.

How Shine Bid can help you win bids

We took the training that we give to our own Bid Masters and turned it into a series of courses from our one-day bid training where we cover all of the major principles of bidding, through to courses on specific bidding topics such as Advanced Bid Writing and Strategy in Practice.

Bid Bootcamp Training

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