New Download: Top 10 Tips on Creating Case Studies with Impact for Your Winning Proposal

Pooja Shetye     21 March 2018


Using the right case studies is a vital part of any bid. A relevant, interesting case study that demonstrates your ability to deliver for the client in question, can be the difference between a proposal that really captures the client and a damp squib. But what goes into a top-notch case study and how best to go about creating it? Our brand-new infographic reveals our top 10 tips for creating case studies that have a tangible impact on your chances of winning proposals.

It’s not unusual to see a bid team prepare a great proposal strategy, only to be let down by the case studies they show the client. When used well, case studies can help get a proposal over the line, but they also have the potential to throw a spanner clanging into the works.

Learn how to create case studies that deliver winning proposals, download our  infographic. 

A great case study should be relevant to the client’s industry or project, as well as being recent and showcasing a positive outcome. This may sound simple, but it’s often easier in theory than in practice.

What Does The Infographic Include?

Our infographic covers the ten most important considerations in creating bid-winning case studies, including:

  • Relevance
  • Simplicity
  • Positivity
  • Bigging up the numbers
  • Cutting the crap
  • Showcasing your talent
  • The use of pictures
  • Timing
  • Looking around you
  • Structure

Case studies are an often overlooked part of the bid process, so employing these tips, alongside a great bid strategy, could help give your team the edge in any  scenario. Demonstrate to your client that you understand their needs, have experience in their sector, plus, have a track record of delivering great results.

To get started on creating impactful, bid-winning case studies today, click here to download our infographic 


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